World Riddles - Animals

World Riddles - Animals 1.01

Animal-themed puzzle game with many levels of difficulty
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Funny Bear Studio

Have you ever imagined traveling around the world and learning about different animal species? This game allows you to do so in a very fun and entertaining manner. It features a series of numeric puzzles in which you need to discover the amount of globes hidden in a grid. As you advance through the different levels, the puzzles get more and more difficult. Once you have completed a level, you will need to undertake other tasks, such as matching images of animals with their appropriate descriptions, solving jigsaw puzzles, discovering the differences between two images and so on. You need to complete every level of a given continent to receive a part of an Animal Expert medallion. Then, you will travel to another continent and start over with the different gaming levels to win all the medallion's parts. The different tasks and puzzles on each continent relate to the animal species living in that given lands, so apart from having a good time, you will learn a good deal about animals and their environment.

The shareware version allows you to play only for one hour. The full version has no time limits and gives you 120 levels of game, as well as other interesting features.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Fun and entertaining


  • The trial version only lasts one hour
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